Yokohama-Kamakura.  Photo via Eric Nakamura

Yokohama-Kamakura. Photo via Eric Nakamura

Another pretty big show is going down this week in New York at the Skarstedt Gallery. Japanese sensation Aya Takano will be opening her first solo show in NY on November 5th entitled “Reintegrating Worlds,” and you best believe AM will be eagerly on hand to take in her new body of work. We suggest you do the same as the Murakami protege will be bringing fifteen new paintings stateside for your enjoyment.

Famous for her sometimes controversial “kawaii-erotic” aesthetic, Takano reinterprets traditional Japanese imagery with her science fiction, manga, and anime influenced vision. For this show, look for more of her her signature long-limbed young girls interacting with sea creatures and animals in a her own special world. Also, she will be releasing two graphic novels – a new work entitled Cosmic Juice, as well as the English translation of Spaceship EE, originally published in Japanese.

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