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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Preview: Colin Christian – “Inner Space” @ Opera Gallery (London)

It looks like Colin Christian (whose art was recently featured in Kayne West’s concert) is planning to go big with his upcoming show in London at the Opera Gallery. “Inner Space” will feature Colin’s full-bodied sculptures of luscious girls in what look to be tight latex suits – completely understandable as he used to make latex clothing for fetish stores around the country before he started creating his own art. It also looks like he’ll be going large scale with his signature head sculptures (seen […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Kenichi Yokono @ Pulse Miami

We always look forward to the Pulse art fair because it is one of the only opportunities for those outside of Tokyo or Los Angeles to see the stunning carved woodblocks of Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono. This year at Pulse Miami, Yokono’s work was jointly shown by LA’s Mark Moore Gallery and Vienna’s Hilger Contemporary. Along with the new black and red pieces we previewed before the fair, the two galleries showed several works from Yokono’s recent “Dreamy Gaze” series, which featured lovely young ladies […]

Preview: Sas Christian – “Inner Space” @ Opera Gallery (London)

Born in London, Sas Christian returns for her long anticipated show at the Opera Gallery in London opening on February 4th. A talented painter who cites some of her influences as anime, Harajuku kids, Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden, she is one of the more original “girls painting girls” artists that seem so popular these days. Of course, not many of the newer artists can match the powerfully emotive and memorable work of Sas. She will be exhibiting alongside fellow artist and husband Colin […]

Teaser: Glenn Barr @ The 4th Wall Gallery

Celebrated artist Glenn Barr will be bringing his creatures, vixens, and robots to Dallas for a solo show opening on January 14th. Held at The 4th Wall Gallery, this new body of work will include around 20 new paintings and 20 new drawings as well as sculptures and prints. Take a look at an additional piece after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Tomio Koyama @ Art Basel

One of our favorite galleries in the world is Tokyo’s Tomio Koyama, which represents many of Japan’s best know artists, as well as such Western artists such as Gert and Uwe Tobias, Mark Ryden and Tom Sachs. At Art Basel this year, Koyama focused mainly on their stable of Japanese artists, including several amazing works by Hideaki Kawashima and Yoshitomo Nara. Check out all the images from their booth, after the jump.

Preview: “Put Your Finger On The Button” – A Female Photography Show @ New Image Art

New Image Art is holding a photography show next month all from the female perspective. “Put Your Finger On The Button” will open on January 9th and include female photographers Alex Prager, Amanda Marsalis, Ashira Siegel, Brandy Eve, Deanna Templeton, Jeaneen Lund, Kassia Meador, Laura Flippen, Rebecca Wright, Susanne Melanie Berry, Taylor Brittenham, and Cheryl Dunn’s portraits of other artists like the one of Jose Parla seen above. More from Cheryl Dunn after the jump…

Video: Mark Warren Jacques – “Ollie The Mind Gap”

We just noticed this older video about Mark Warren Jacques, whom we interviewed a while back and also recently saw at the White Walls Winter group show.  In it, we see him discussing his passion for art as well as getting footage of some skateboarding skills. Discuss Mark Warren Jacques here.

Openings: The LOST Underground Art Show @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

AM stopped by earlier this month to check out the “LOST” show at Gallery 1988 (LA) only to be confronted by a long line of fans that lined up overnight as well as a media frenzy that ensued. We did manage to get inside and snap some pics of the artwork eventually for all to enjoy. It was nice to see many of the characters we love remixed and reinterpreted into paintings that were often subtle and well conceived. Take a look after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Joshua Liner Gallery @ Scope

One of the booths we were really impressed with during Art Basel Week was Joshua Liner Gallery’s showcase at SCOPE. It was a diverse group reflecting some of his successes this year from represented artists such as Matsu (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, and Evan Hecox. In addition, the show offered a sneak preview of the tremendous talent in stored for the coming year with works by Dave Kinsey, Dave Kassan, Tony Kanali, Tiffany Bozik, and Travis Louie (interviewed. More images after the jump…

Images of Unrest

After perusing some of the goings-on in Iran this morning, we coincidentally came across a couple of images that reminded us of the unrest we have been seeing over there. The first is from Escif, an artist from Spain that we saw on the excellent Unurth site (also see their interview with him here). And, the second is a drawing from Armsrock (seen after the jump), whom we interviewed recently.