• No love for Lebron? WK Interact is a Dwayne Wade fan and Terry Richardson is a Kobe fan (and apparently a fan of Jersey Shore’s Pauly D as well).
• Love him or despise his existence, an interview with Mr. Brainwash.
• Ron English’s explanation of the art world to a dead hare.
• Barry McGee makes new friends in Belgium.
Bid on a chance to sit for a portrait with Shepard Fairey.
• The GR Biennale James Jean and David Choe crates for sale.
• Superman turns 10¢ into $1 million, Batman promptly one-ups him.
• A new zine from Brendan Monroe.
• A look at work for UK shows from Nate Frizzell and Melissa Haslam.
• Fans of Monet and Picasso rejoice!
• Eli Broad steps in once again to help out art in Los Angeles.
• UK photography collector, Michael Wilson, on how to build a world-beating collection.
• Interesting to hear about Jeff Koons’ art collection. Now if only we can see Deitch’s…  who happens to have plans for fashion shows and exhibitions at MOCA.
Fast and strong art thieves hit the Rotterdam Art Centre.
• Are you getting a discount from your art dealer?
• City of LA orders Emmeric Konrad’s Down and Out bar mural removed.
• Oh, so that guy who claimed he found a new Van Gogh in 1975 may not have been crazy afterall – too bad he’s dead now.
• Artists in Beijing art districts being threatened by developer thugs.
• Another reason to visit the High Line in New York.
Interview with the lead designer of the Google logos.
• Fun with typography (here & here).
• Ed Ruscha goes mountain climbing.