(l-r) Aurel Schmidt, Rosson Crow and Kathy Grayson. Image ┬ęPatrick McMullan Company

For those who have been living under an art world rock for the past few months, let us give you a quick recap of the biggest news to come out of NYC in a while. Jeffrey Deitch was selected to become the new director of Los Angeles’s MOCA. Due to potential conflicts, he will not be able to operate his gallery, Deitch Projects, while at his new position, and will be forced to close shop. Because Deitch Projects – one of the most innovative, fresh, and talked-about galleries in the world – has some of the best young talent working today, there has been widespread speculation and gossip as to what will become of this top-tier roster.

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According to a recent article in Artinfo, we now have some concrete information on what could potentially happen. Kathy Grayson, a director at Deitch Projects and the one who most feel is the best person to continue the Deitch tradition, offers some solid information, including the following:

  • Grayson plans on opening a gallery of her own
  • She plans on having some of the Deitch stable of artists represented at her gallery
  • A financial backer is on-board (“a young gallery owner from Europe”)
  • The gallery space will be relatively large (currently eyeing a 3,200 sq-ft building)
  • Although the artists she will bring with her are not yet revealed, Rosson Crow is most likely coming, but probably not heavy hitters such as Francesco Clemente or Kehinde Wiley and not pure street artists such as Swoon, Os Gemeos, and Shepard Fairey. Our money is on Aurel Schmidt and Tauba Auerbach also joining her.
  • Her first post-Deitch show could be a sequel to the highly successful “Street Market” exhibition with Barry McGee, Todd James, and ESPO in 2000.
  • Jeffrey Deitch will not have an official partnership in the gallery, but she will most likely consult with him often
  • Grayson feels she owes much of her success to the opportunity Jeffrey Deitch provided her

This is one exciting story we are keeping our eyes and ears on and we will pass on more information once it becomes available.