One of the highlights of Armory Week was a pop-up show like none other thrown by the Carmichael Gallery and Jun Lee at the Ogilvy & Mather’s Manhattan corporate offices. Imagine allowing urban talents running a muck through each floor of office hallways and elevator entry ways creating gigantic colorful installations, filling the places where normally bland office interiors greeted you every Monday. Even the customary plasmas that housed generic greetings/company slogans where remixed with a rad loop of the artists installing their newly minted artworks.

The reception was held on the 7th floor and the packed housed played “elevator action” throughout the night waiting to get on and off the lifts to check out each of the uniquely laid out floors and works by artists Will Barras, Simon Birch, Boxi, Ethos, Mark Jenkins, Labrona (interviewed), Aakash Nihalani, Nina Pandolfo and WK Interact.

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Photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY)