Following the recent trend of turning award winning movies into collectible posters (such as last month’s Inglourious Basterds release) the Academy Award nominated film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, has recently received the print treatment by designer Zoltron. Though Zoltron has been in the poster/design world for many years doing album covers and flyers, he may be more recognizable to AM readers as the one who printed the half a million Shepard Fairey designed Obama “Hope” stickers, along with the thousands of Upper Playground x Obama stickers by artists such as David Choe, Ron English and Sam Flores to name a few. Printed at legendary East Bay print shop, Firehouse, this 18″ x 24″ five color metallic gold print was produced for San Francisco’s Red Vic Movie House and will release sometime today, Friday, March 26th through Zoltron’s store.

Detail and process photos after the jump.