Spring is in full swing as the weather gets gorgeous for most. April brought another boatload of great art for us to load up on. Here’s another edition of Second Helpings to bring you some of our favorites of the month.

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Sleepboy recommends:

1) Shawn Barber Interview

We caught up with tattooed artist as he prepared for his show at Joshua Liner Gallery and asked him some questions. We’ll have pics for you from that show soon but for now, check out what he had to say.

2) Hush Studio Visit & Show

It was a pleasure to once again visit Hush’s studio in Newcastle to gain some insight into his show at the Shooting Gallery. He showed us around and took us through his new body of work which included some more photo-realistic imagery.  As you can see from our show coverage, it turned out great!

Fisherman’s Wharf Alcatraz Tour Boats

3) Banksy in SF

Mr. B hit the Bay Area with a vengeance, putting up more street pieces in one city that we have seen in a while.  If you are lucky enough to be living in San Francisco, make sure you get out and see some of these pieces for yourself before they disappear.

Khoi recommends:

1) Banksy’s Exit Through The Giftshop opens in major cities in the US

No artist in the world has done more to raise the profile of street and urban art than Banksy.  He continues his streak with Exit Through the Giftshop and the many beneficiaries in the art world again appreciate his efforts. The film gets an expanded release in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, giving more of the public a chance to enjoy the Banksy experience.

2) LAzarides 90210 heats up Los Angeles this summer

Over the past few years, Lazarides’ Banksy and Antony Micallef pop-up shows in Los Angeles were some of the most exciting and talked-about art shows in the city. Laz invades Los Angeles again, and opened with a bang in Beverly Hills with David Choe’s massive blow out solo.  Three more shows are left to follow and we look forward to each and every one of them.

3) Saber Interview

Saber holds nothing back as he speaks candidly on everything from street cred to health care to his feelings on banks.  Read the words from a graffiti legend who’s been through and seen it all.

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Openings: Banksy – “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

Banksy’s long awaited premier of his documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” was everything we could hope for it to be. Since it’s premier at the Sundance Film festival, fans have been clamoring for this movie to open across the world. Banksy didn’t disappoint his loyal fans as he also did his civic duty of promotion by making appearances on the streets of LA, San Fran and Colorado.

2) Openings: David Choe – “Nothing to Declare” @ LAzarides Beverly Hills

One of the coolest openings of the year was David Choe’s (featured) latest solo in the heart of Beverly Hills at LAzarides 90210 Pop-Up gallery. He also took time to give us a behind the scenes studio visit a week before!

3) Openings: JR – “Women Are Heroes” @ Galerie Springmann.Varol

Oh JR. He doesn’t seem to do anything small does he? Invading Germany is no small feat as he took the time to hit up Dusseldorf with his latest series of works from his iconic “Women Are Heroes” project at Gallery Springmann.Varol.