This past Saturday saw the opening of Yoskay Yamamoto’s (featured) exhibition “Familiar Strangers”. It is the third solo show by the artist at LeBasse Projects and features a diverse range of work, including paintings on panel and canvas, sculptures made of cast resin and metal, and hand carved wood sculptures. The well-attended opening included artist friends Audrey Kawasaki, Luke Chueh, Edwin Ushiro, Nate Frizzell, and Bumblebee.

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The show carried the theme of inner self and one’s true nature and featured flowers in much of the artwork.  Yamamoto feels that the fragile nature of flowers and their growth provides a similar parallel to our own development. The paintings were each incredibly visually appealing, vivid, dreamy, and at many times romantic. Due to its scale and repetition, the most impressive installation of the show was the army of Astro Boy-inspired heads that occupied the back wall of the gallery, each one looking alike, staring in the same direction, while at the same time, equal distance apart from each other.

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