Yesterday, we gave you a detailed look at KAWS’ first ever museum exhibition at the The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Simply mind boggling right? With the amount of great artwork and stunning installations, we almost missed this lone prototype vinyl figure encased on a simple pedestal. Upon closer inspection we noticed it was Pinocchio reworked in a style that only KAWS could do. Next to it was a museum info card: “Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, 2010 – Produced by Medicom Toy, Copyright Disney”.

The million dollar question was… when or IF it will be released? The answer is a definitive YES. We just confirmed that Medicom is currently in the process of production and this figure is slated to be released (soon hopefully) in 2010 barring any production issues. This will be released as a package with Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket together.

Stay tuned as we keep digging for more info, but until then check out a prototype sketch and our detailed shots after the jump.

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