After seeing pictures of Mike Stilkey’s (interviewed) latest book installation coming together for his current solo show, “Reminiscent” at Hurley’s new )( Space Gallery in Costa Mesa, Ca. it left us wondering just how he puts such an installation together. When you begin to analyze the logistics of working with the spines of 5,000 books as your canvas, it got us to thinking just how the books are selected and assembled, and how this giant Jenga puzzle doesn’t fall over!

All our questions are answered in this revealing video put together by Hurley that shows how the installation came together. It took Mike and four helpers five solid days to stack the books, and then a further five days of painting for Mike to complete the pieces. In the spirit of recycling the books, Hurley are moving the two piece installation to their Nike / Hurley store in Laguna Beach when the show finishes, and plan to stack one piece on top of the other making the complete mural 10ft wide by 22ft tall.

Some more flicks from the opening after the jump.

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