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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Signing: Mark Ryden – “The Snow Yak Show” Book @ SFMOMA

Mark Ryden will be on hand to sign his latest book at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Schwab Room: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm) next week on Thursday, August 12th. The book from Last Gasp Books is a catalog of his “The Snow Yak Show” last year in Japan of which the new body of work took a minimalistic turn in style and palette. Discuss Mark Ryden here. Take a look at Ryden’s most recent show in NY here.

Publications: The Art Street Journal (Vol. II Issue I Release Party)

If you haven’t signed up yet for a free subscription to The Art Street Journal, what are you waiting for?  There aren’t that many publications out there, especially stateside, that focuses on this type of art. Also, this Saturday, August 7th (7-9pm), there will be release party at Carmichael Gallery for the newest edition (Vol II, Issue I), an expanded format featuring more color, pages, and articles including interviews with Boogie and Escif.

Preview: Rob Sato – “Muscle Memories” @ Copro Gallery

Rob Sato, who last showed at the Japanese American National Museum and GRSF, will be bringing his incredibly detailed and imaginative paintings to the Copro Gallery this weekend. “Muscle Memories” will be opening at the Santa Monica gallery on Saturday night, August 7th, alongside the Naoto Hattori’s show. What an awesome and appropriate pairing these two artists will be, as their work both stretch the viewer’s brain to the limit with their clustered imagery and bizarre vision.  If there was a fine line between insanity […]

Preview: Matt Furie – “Animal Style” @ GRNY

Tomorrow night, Giant Robot New York will host the opening reception for “Animal Style,” featuring the work of San Francisco-based outsider artist Matt Furie. Furie uses ink and color pencil to create a funny and bizarre universe of intricately drawn comic characters heavily steeped in 80’s pop culture (e.g., BMX bikes, Rubix Cubes, The Neverending Story). According to GRNY, the show will feature more than 70 pieces of art, most of which will be “small and affordable.” See a few more preview images, after the […]

Openings: Dalek – “Chaos On The Edge Of Reason” @ Hurley )( SPACE

AM attended the opening of  James “Dalek” Marshall’s (interviewed) latest show, “Chaos On The Edge Of Reason”, at the Hurley Space. The unique twist to this show was the interactive opportunity for fans to “compose” their own piece of Dalek art. Sold at $200 dollars a square feet, fans selected from either a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 feet section from the massive 37 foot canvas mural (previewed). The fun part was watching people slave over their decision on what area to cut and what colors to […]

Teaser: Eelus – “Paradise Lost” @ Brooklynite Gallery

London-based artist, Eelus, will be opening a show in September at the Brooklynite Gallery along with C215. This peek at a piece looks like a pretty large scale version of a piece he’s put up in the streets before. Take a look at some of the hand-finished invites that Brooklynite is famous for getting their artists to send out after the jump…

Teaser: Nathan Ota – “An Unforseen Homecoming” @ La Luz de Jesus

LA-based painter and respected instructor at Otis, Nathan Ota, will be opening his new solo show at the venerable La Luz de Jesus Gallery in September. “An Unforseen Homecoming” will include his signature creatures of the forest, hybrids of wood and other more familiar forms but perhaps with a new palette judging from this teaser pic. A couple of drawings after the jump, possible studies for other paintings?

Showing: Escif – “Contra La Pared” @ Montana Gallery

Spanish street artist Escif recently opened his solo show “Contra la Pared” or “Up Against the Wall” in his native country. The exhibition, held at Montana Gallery in Barcelona, re-emphasized his love for the imagery of walls, barriers, ladders, and his signature characters running around creating mayhem. For this show, much like the one at P.O.W., he creates a series of what look to be watercolors based on his outdoor murals. We would have liked it if he did some pieces on found materials, put […]

Creative Process: Brandi Milne – “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”

Brandi Milne, who recently held her solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery, posted up some images of her creative process. The step-by-step progress pics of this piece from the show, “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”, show the stages of her technique from the initial drawing to the final layers. Take a look after the jump…

Another Look Inside Faile’s Studio

Someone recently posted up a link to pics of their visit to Faile’s studio. It’s always nice to see the creative workspace of one of the most respected artists in the street art movement as we’ve had, in the past, the pleasure to do ourselves. With this new look at the studio, assuming it’s recent, it looks like the Patricks have recovered from their epic temple install in Lisbon, and now have plenty of works in progress for perhaps their solo with Perry Rubenstein in […]