Yesterday, we brought you a preview of Brendan Monroe’s (interviewed) body of work for a Paris in a joint exhibit with Evah Fan. Today, we can give you a glimpse of Evah’s work as well ahead of the opening this Saturday night at Galerie L.J. Looking through some of the preview images from this show, what strikes us is how unpredictable her narrative is, with unexpected surprises in each piece that lead us to think “what is going on here?” At the same time, we like Evah’s impeccable linework, use of deadspace, and choice of colors.

Some words from Evah about the new body of work as well as more preview images after the jump…

“There are many still moments in my work that are wrongly familiar. A man with a box beneath his shirt could have been drumming on his chest or just ran out of a market. A young girl reaching inside the box only to find scallions? What happens next?

Whatever ideas came to mind during the last few months were put forth. They suited the title ‘Come What May’ and did not follow any strict process. I followed a stream of consciousness that led me to a few mini series – works depicting reactions from potential threats, landscapes inspired from Stockholm alongside paintings about the senses. The imagined tension between figures and events are usually awkward to ignite a certain narrative that lingers unpredictability. I wonder what has happened or what will happen from each scenario.”

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