Baby Tattooville attendees get to bring home loads of goodies, including one-of-a-kind unique original works that they receive as part of their membership, but there is also the opportunity to purchase even more spectacular original art at the Art Sale.  This year’s selection included pieces by honoree Robert Williams, as well as featured artists such as Coop, Van Arno, Anthony Ausgang, and Suzanne Williams.  Also available were works by past artists, including James Jean, Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup, and Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez.  The biggest surprise of the sale was the availability of two collaborative Art Jam paintings from two previous Baby Tattoovilles.  Now those are some serious BT souvenirs!

For further proof that it pays to buy your Baby Tattooville membership early, the order in which those lucky BT-goers receive their artwork purchase choice is based on their ticket number (those who were the first to register get lower numbers).

Images of artwork from the sale after the jump…

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