Last night, AM attended the opening celebration of the Youtube Play: a Biennial of Creative Video at the  Guggenheim Museum in New York. As previewed, the 23,000 videos were filtered down to “the Shortlist of 125 that were then whittled down to the final 25 winners. The museum was packed with patrons and art fans attending the inaugural ceremonies. Those in attendance were treated to an on-going light show that transformed the very architecture of the spiraling Guggenheim museum into a giant visual canvas. It seemed that no expense was spared as HP & Intel outfitted the main exhibition room with LCD projectors & cutting edge touch interface displays to enhance the optical experience of the 25 winning videos.

With judges Marilyn Minter and Stefan Sagmeister in attendance, the winning artists were introduced and presented with their golden awards. We are especially happy to hear that artists/friends Akino Kondoh and Die Antwoord (who’s director Sean Metelerkamp) were among those selected. Congratulations to both again.

Check out the behind the scenes action and the videos from Kondo & Die Antwood after the jump.

Akino Kondo with her award for Ladybirds Requiem

Akino Kondoh with her award for Ladybirds Requiem

Stefan Sagmeister & Marilyn Minter

Stefan Sagmeister & Marilyn Minter

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