One of the many art hot spots bestowed upon the LA area last night was the unearthing of Nate Frizzell’s (interviewed) newest body of work, I Should Know Who I Am By Now (previewed), at LeBasse Projects. Almost exactly a year ago, the Riverside artist introduced himself in a big way to the warm embraces of collectors at the Culver City gallery. The passing time has allowed the artist’s vision to breath and his technique to mature into the unique visual narrative currently on display.

Rich in symbolism and nostalgia, Nate’s finely rendered oil paintings – a new trend for the blossoming artist – transforms the viewer into the children they once were and transports them into a snowy landscape, where we are one with nature and get to run and play with our animal companions. Alongside the collection of endearing and expertly composed paintings, the artist’s first sculptural work rounds out this rewarding followup exhibition from an artist who has only begun to hit his stride and whose future is very bright.

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