Jeff Soto

Coming hot off the heels of Joe Sorren’s (featured) epic retrospective at the gallery, Suggestivism, a group exhibition curated by Nathan Spoor, opens this Saturday at CSUF Grand Central Art Center. It features over 50 different works (old and new) that embody Suggestivism, a term first used in the late nineteenth century describing an organic process of art making that suggests an ambiguous narrative. The exhibition features artists who illustrate ideas or subjects whose relationships point towards a loose and open narrative, constructed by the imagination of the viewer. Participating artists include Ron English, Audrey Kawasaki, Eric White, Mars-1, Mia, Nathan Ota, Kris Kuksi, Alex Gross, Dalek James Marshall, Dan May, Elizabeth McGrath, Tara McPherson, Mia, Scott Musgrove, Todd Schorr, Greg Simkins, Jeff Soto, and others.

From the Curator: “Conceptually speaking, the term suggestivism refers to the ability of an individual to pursue their purpose with an amplified understanding and sensitivity. The artists involved represent precisely this – a wave of purpose, working within the more fluid aspects of narrative or figurative arenas. Through the mere power of suggestion, the magic is transferred from one to another, engaging the world at large from the most vivid and evocative of visual realms.

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Eric White

Audrey Kawasaki

Tara McPherson

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