Mear One just finished up a brand new mural on Glendale Blvd. in Los Angeles. Building on themes typical of his work, and set in one of his expansive allegorical landscapes signature to his style, the piece depicts a young girl on the street huddled under a blanket, while surrounded by an oil field in a toxic wasteland.

“It’s about innocence that’s been lost and how the world has ruined the future of its children and left them stranded in a cold barren and destroyed world that once was beautiful. She’s dealing with the by-products of the decisions of greed and capitalism. I did the mural in that location because people line up there every morning to get on the 2 freeway, and it gives you something to reflect on while you’re sitting in traffic running up gas.”

Take a look at this stop motion video after the jump capturing the mural progress from start to finish. We’ll have more info next week on his upcoming print release with Modern Multiples.