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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Openings: Keith Haring @ Gladstone Gallery

Currently showing at Gladstone Gallery until July 1st, the late Keith Haring’s first exhibition with the NY showspace features never before seen works on paper. Interestingly enough, three of the large scale pieces included were created in conjunction with a series of Bill T. Jones performances held in 1982 at The Kitchen, which were executed in real time during Jones’ dances with the sound of the brushstrokes serving as the only thing the audience heard. Rounding out the exhibition are a selection of Haring’s early […]

Art HK ’11 – Mizuma Gallery

Consistently showing some of the best talent Japan has to offer, Mizuma Gallery is always one of the first booths we hit up at major art fairs. Art Hong Kong was no different this year as they brought along some of the brightest stars in their roster including Ai Yamaguchi (above) and Masakatsu Sashie (previewed). Check the full list of the artists here and also some photos courtesy of Jasper Wong after the jump…

Preview: Glenn Barr – “Faces” @ La Luz de Jesus

It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen a major show from Glenn Barr. Fans in Los Angeles will be happy to hear that the Detroit-based artist will present his new collection of works entitled Faces this Friday, June 3rd, at La Laz de Jesus. Known for his warm colors and retro style, Barr can convey more emotion with a few brushstrokes than many artists can with an entire canvas. He talks about this exhibition in his own words – “I feel the paintings for […]

Openings: Cleon Peterson – “White Flag” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

AM attended the opening night for Cleon Peterson’s show White Flag at Joshua Liner Gallery a couple weeks ago. Being the first solo exhibition in New York, we were impressed by the sheer size and raw graphics displayed by Cleon. His color choices and figure composition seems to hold nothing back hitting the viewers right between the eyes with pure emotions. As mentioned in our preview, the gross violence and lawless nature of his subjects seem to convey giving in to one’s dark side, thus […]

Openings: David LaChapelle – “The Raft” @ de Sarthe Fine Art (Hong Kong)

Marking his second major exhibition in Hong Kong, David La Chapelle revealed a new body of work with de Sarthe Fine Art this past week. Conveniently coinciding with Art HK ’11, The Raft aimed to take full advantage of the burgeoning Asian appetite for contemporary art. As his first solo since last summer’s American Jesus (covered), the show highlighted two distinct chapters of the the New York-based photographers creative process. With the centerpiece “The Raft of Illusion: Raging Toward Truth II”, along with its studies […]

Interviews: Neck Face @ Levi’s Workshop (MOCA)

Last Sunday, AM dropped by the Levi’s Film Workshop, where they were screening the trailer for Born Under a Bad Sign, a film in progress by artist Neck Face and director Isaiah Seret. The upcoming feature-length kung fu horror movie, starring the artist was filmed in his alleyway installation at MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition. Those who attended the screening also got to see an extended fight scene (censored for museum audiences) which ended in co-star, Mindy Kelly, being decapitated. Neck Face tossed back […]

Openings: “Flight & Fable” @ Corey Helford Gallery

A couple Saturdays ago, a trio of artists opened up their joint show in Culver City at the Corey Helford Gallery. Featuring the talents of Krista Huot, Isabel Samaras, and Sarah Folkman, the exhibition entitled Flight & Fable was so named because of the works of Huot features her signature take on fairy tales while Samaras and Folkman both incorporated birds and elements of flight in their new paintings. Take a look at more opening pics after the jump…

Videos: POW WOW Hawai’i 2011 Part II

If you enjoyed the first video documenting the behind-the-scenes action from this year’s POW WOW event (covered), you’ll like part two in the series from Hypebeast TV and Mikey Inouye. Included in the footage are scenes from opening night as well as interviews with Will Barras, Wu Yue, and Suitman as they explained the thoughts behind their artwork. If you like what you see, you can help make next year’s POW WOW happen by supporting them through their Kickstarter page.

Openings: Ryan McGinness – “Women: The Blacklight Paintings” @ The Standard (Los Angeles)

Ryan McGinness showed a darker side to his work on Saturday night, when the third installment of his Women: The Blacklight Paintings series opened at The Standard Hotel’s Purple Lounge in West Hollywood. As with the events at Art Basel Miami last year (covered) and in New York early this year (covered), his luminescent deconstructions of the female form graced the walls of the establishment while similarly painted dancers cavorted about the room.  Of note, coinciding with the party was also the release of McGinness’ Blacklight Nudie […]

Previews: Liu Bolin @ Eli Klein Fine Art (NY)

Revealing the hidden delights of “The Invisible Man”, Eli Klein Fine Art will soon bring Liu Bolin through a tour of New York, the first time exhibiting in the US since Art Asia in Miami last December for the Beijing-based artist. Opening Sunday, June 29th, the exhibition will highlight some of the Chinese performance artist’s more recent works from his ongoing Hiding In The City series, most currently manifest with the Hiding in Italy exhibition at Forma Centro Internazionale Di Fotografia in Milan. Captured as […]