As mentioned in our coverage of The Magician’s Garden in San Francisco last month, Josh Keyes (interviewed) will be releasing a print to coincide with the recent conclusion of the exhibition. Democratically chosen by collectors on his message board with overwhelming support, The Cerberus Project is now in the final stages of production, at a new printing house to correct some of the minor issues with the past couple, with release plans recently being unveiled.

The print will measure 19.5″ x 24.5″ and is priced is $250.00. It’s from an edition of 100 and will be split in half, with 50 being distributed by Fecal Face Dot Gallery and 50 being distributed by Josh himself via lottery. The initial 50 will be offered to collectors on the massive gallery wait list, who missed out on original work, with a portion potentially being made available in-store or on their website. However, all that is required for inclusion in the lottery is to sign onto his mailing list by 12:00AM PST on Thursday, May 5th (midnight tonight!). The lucky 50 will then be selected at random and contacted with a purchase opportunity at one of his most sought after prints in a quite a while.

And as a taste of the insanity the future holds, check out the massive 120″ x 40″ panel Josh is working on for his NYC show in October after the jump.

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