Over this past weekend, the POVevolving Gallery hosted Marco Zamora’s new artwork which continues to explore the artist’s fascination with the urban landscape. Featuring large scale paintings and a structure completely formed with cinder blocks, Zamora manages to explore what it means to live within the constructs of a city. For the visitor, it’s easy to take notice of the artist’s appreciation for this type of setting which is captured with rich monochrome shadows and bright pastel colors that streak across the paintings.

However, further exploring this theme of the urban space, Zamora utilizes an installation as a way to place the visitor as a hidden observer. In this instance, one looks through a hole on the wall and watches a screen featuring an unnamed individual. This theme of the unseen observer carries over to his paintings which act as a way to secretly peek into the lives of those people residing within the modern metropolis. In this respect, Zamora’s new work speaks to anyone who has lived in an an urban setting. It’s a place in which one may see a homeless person dragging all his belongings across a gritty street or perhaps find a drunken man laying face down against concrete.

Overall, Zamora’s new exhibit features an incredible collection of work which is not to be missed. For those who won’t be able to make it by the Chinatown space, take a look at more opening photos after the jump…

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