In anticipation for the upcoming mini retrospective – A Decade of Prints & Originals that Faile will be throwing at Post No Bills, we wanted to bring you a little preview of the collective’s latest fine art creation that will make an appearance at the show – Puzzle Boxes. Encased in their own hand-painted box, up to 88 blocks combine to form one of 6 base images (one for each side of the cube). This evolution from the original Faile Box seen at their UK show shows the Patricks’ desire to encourage their fans’ inner artist to swap and rotate the cube to basically collage their own vision of the artwork.

We’ve seen a few of these Puzzle Boxes in person and can tell you that its not only fun, but addictive. To see one in person, visit their upcoming show on June 24th in LA later this week or if you can’t wait, go to their special online PB site or download their mobile app. Also, don’t forget that Faile and us are holding a special contest for everyone to create their own puzzle box images to win a Bunny Boy sculpture (here).

Check out an in depth look at the boxes after the jump.

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