This Sunday afternoon, November 13th, the Wende Museum presents Behind the Berlin Wall, a private reception ($50 to benefit the museum, call 310.216.1600 ext. 305 for those interested) featuring the unveiling of murals from Herakut, D*Face’s (interviewed), and RETNA (featured) on a remnant of the Berlin Wall, the longest stretch in the world outside of Germany. Although we have featured other artists before who have painted on fragments of the infamous barrier between what used to East and West Berlin, this project is particularly personal for Herakut. Falk and Jasmine (interviewed), who make up the German collaborative duo, grew up on opposite ends of Berlin (Falk from the east side and Jasmin from the west side).

AM stopped by the last couple days to hang out with the artists (who we last saw in Copenhagen & LeBasse Projects earlier this year) and to document the mural process. More photos by ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Completed mural.

Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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