Buff Monster x COPE2

This week’s world roundup of street work is heavily tilted towards Art Basel Week Miami. With so many artists in town, there was bound to be some overlap on walls and in some cases – collaborations. Not sure if the Buff Monster & COPE2 piece above was planned as a tag team effort, but they seem to fit nicely together. Also included from Miami is more from COPE2, Aiko, ABOVE, JAZ, Anthony Lister x Eine, Pixel Pancho. Other walls from other parts of the world include SHOK-1 (London), Isaac Cordal (Barcelona), Alexandros Vasmoulakis (China), Mesa (Western Sahara), and Tilt (London).

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COPE2 for Wynwood Walls in Miami.

ABOVE in Miami.

Jaz in Miami for Living Walls. Photo via streetartnews.net.

Anthony Lister x Eine. Photo by Head8K.

Pixel Pancho in Miami.

SHOK-1 - "A Cast IronTruth" in London

Isaac Cordal - "Follow the leaders" in Barcelona.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis in Shenzhen, China.

Dajla in the Western Sahara for Artifariti 2011.

Tilt outside of East London's Village Underground. Photo by Hooked Blog.