After a little hiatus, our Art Focus is back this week and our artist is Stephanie Pierce. She currently lives and teaches in Fayetteville, Arkansas and creates these ethereal oil on linen and canvas paintings that play with light, abstraction, and fragments of color. With imagery based mainly on a room and its contents, the feeling of flux and transitory nature achieved in her work is interesting considering the simple nature of her subjects.

See more work and her artist statement after the jump…

“My painting seeks an intersection between perception and abstraction using the phenomenon of light, space, and form as personal metaphor. Working from perception, I want to convey a sense of the visual as it is unfolding into forms and space that are at once material and immaterial. The paintings attempt to glimpse transitional moments of time and light. The accumulation of observed moments stand as fragments of color, light, and location, as they change with the progression of each day. I’m motivated by the sensation that forms have just begun to come together and may shift and disappear- a brief presence that threatens to fall apart. The paintings reveal passages of change, revelatory shifts, connections, and subtle uprisings where the everyday resides in a state of flux and possibility.”

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