Jonathan LeVine Gallery recently christened its second space in Chelsea (located on the ground floor of 557 West 23rd Street) with a show by the collective Artist Anonymous. Entitled Old Game New, this exhibition contains new works new works and a site-specific installation by the collective based in London & Berlin. Using multimedia work, painting, sculpture and photography, AA is focused on taking the viewer deeper into Alice’s Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. AA’s unique process involves an unusual technique of painting realistic subjects with inverted color values (as a negative image), then photographing the painting and reproducing it in reverse, thus resulting in a positive. The final photographic print is referred to as an afterimage and is shown alongside the original painting, to provide a stark contrast to the original composition. This show runs until May 3rd, so stop by and check it out in this freshly-minted gallery space.

Installation shots by Joe Russo for Arrested Motion.