It looks like the infamous British man of mystery, Banksy, was active on the streets of his homeland this weekend. First, on Sunday morning a new piece appeared on the side of a house in Cheltenham. The stenciled image shows three old fashioned secret agents in brown trench coats, using retro looking gadgets to eavesdrop a phone booth. Even thought not confirmed yet as Banksy work, this piece has all the elements of his style, and it’s placed only 3 miles from GCHQ, home of the UK Government’s spying network.

Then, on Monday morning his official website,, got an update with another street piece showing two lovers checking their phones over each other shoulders. With a witty and simple social commentary, great execution, and fantastic use of spray paint & stencil technique to achieve the glowing effect, this work is an instant classic. Placed on a quaint stone wall street, the piece appears to be somewhere in UK, although the exact location is not yet disclosed or confirmed. Hopefully, these two works are teasers for something bigger that  he may be working on these days.

Photo credits by, & Feralthings.
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