If you remember, we had the recently chance to share some photos with you of Kamea Hadar and Defer prepping for their recently concluded showing at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. While in the Bay Area, the two Hawaii-based artists and friends took the opportunity to get up around the city with a couple murals. Mirroring their work for the gallery as well as their collaboration for POW! WOW! Hawaii earlier this year (covered), the walls were painted with the distinctive combination of Hadar’s figurative work and Defer’s calligraphic embellishments.

Hadar says: “These two murals contrast with our mural in Honolulu from the last POW! WOW! where Defer and Norm went first and painted in the whole background and I layed my portrait over them afterwards. In this case his lines become an element in the foreground and its really fun how the two of us have been going back and forth. In some cases he lays out the “bones” of the piece and I paint the flesh over it, in other cases I paint in the figure and he dresses them with a headdress or other decorative element afterwards. Ancient Hawaiians put a large importance on the bones, or “iwi” of a human being, which contrasts greatly with the West’s perception of life in flesh and this balance of opposing perceptions is something that Defer and I are constantly examining in Paradise Lost.”