This Saturday night (November 21st), Roland Tamayo (interviewed) will be opening up a joint show with Alex Louisa at Flower Pepper Gallery in Los Angeles. The timely choice of imagery from Tamayo, seeing as the new Star Wars movie opens soon, features his tasty-treat Star Destroyers, a perfect example of how the locally-based artist likes to draw inspiration from memories of his childhood.

He further states – “These pieces are a collection of treats enjoyed by my sons, along with nostalgic treats from my childhood, connected by a mutual love and enjoyment of Star Wars. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Fedco here in Pasadena, who employed my grandfather as an Optometrist. Because of his employment there, we would go often to buy family supplies, toys, etc., at a discount, and there would always be Toblerone candy at the checkout isle. It was my first introduction to that candy, and whenever I see it, it reminds me of my grandfather. Never would I have thought that a Toblerone candy would be a subject of a painting, especially combined with a Star Destroyer. But I’m so grateful for this opportunity, that it has.”

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