RAMMΣLLZΣΣ, the legendary artist, graffiti writer, hip-hop pioneer, myth-maker, and New York cult icon currently the subject of RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder at Red Bull Arts New York. Although not all of us are able to visit the Big Apple to experience this momentous exhibition, those of us (ie: you) with an internet connection are able to view It’s Not Who But What, a streaming film created by Red Bull Arts New York and directed by Oscar Boyson.

Created on the occasion of the aforementioned survey, the film is a mini-documentary that tells the story of The King of the A Train, who appeared in Wild Style, energized hip hop with Basquiat and K-Rob in Beat Bop, and invigorated the art world by infusing it with his own universe of Garbage Gods and Letter Racers. Experience it now: