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Openings: Winter Group Show @ White Walls

In addition to Travis Louie’s (interviewed) opening at Shooting Gallery last weekend (covered), the Winter Group Show debuted alongside in the adjoining White Walls gallery.  Featuring some heavy hitters such as Shepard Fairey (featured), the Clayton Brothers (featured), and Anthony Lister (interviewed) the group show also boasts some upcoming and very exciting talent, namely artists like Nas Champas, Mark Warren Jacques (interviewed and pictured above), Aaron Nagel, and Casey Gray.  The Winter Group show will be open, along with Travis Louie’s show, till January 2nd. […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Misa Inaoka @ NADA

As you wonder through the endless booths at all the different fairs at Art Basel, you often chance on some unexpected new artists. One of those moments for us this year was San Francisco-based Misa Inaoka and her mutant bird sculptures exhibiting with Johansson Projects at the NADA art fair. Not only did each unique sculpture seem to be created from some strange animal part junkyard, but the pieces had motorized joints and twisted intermittently. More images after the jump…

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Thinkspace @ Aqua

Thinkspace Gallery will be showing at the Aqua Fair this year with a group of artists including Brian M. Viveros, Mr. Jago, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Ekundayo, Scott Radke (interviewed), Yosuke Ueno, Joao Ruas, Brett Amory, Sarah Joncas, Allison Sommers (interviewed), Tran Nguyen, Nathan DeYoung, Tony Philippou, Imminent Disaster, and Seth Armstrong. Also, as you can see from the image above, they will be bringing along work from Damon Soule to Art Basel Week, a preview for his much anticipated show with them in February of […]

Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

AM has long admired the work of Mark Jenkins, and in particular, his tape sculptures.  Apparently 3M (maker of Scotch brand tape) has also taken notice and will hold a contest to see who can come up with the most creative use of the popular adhesive with a $5000 cash prize no less.  Submissions will be judged by a panel of artists including Jenkins.  The deadline is February 28, 2010 so time to get tapin’ (tutorial). Other examples of Jenkins’ work after the jump as well […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings For Nov 5 – Nov 8

Things are heating up this weekend as we head into the holidays with the big art fairs in London and Miami just around the corner. There are just SO many amazing shows around the world this weekend. Hard to pick just one to highlight here, but with Jeremy Fish invading the halls of the Laguna Art Museum this weekend, our movement takes another huge stride towards mainstream acceptance from the art world at large. Opening in conjunction with “Collecting California: Selections from Laguna Art Museum” […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Curious Store

One of the favorite activities Baby Tattooville-goers look forward to the most during Baby Tattooville is shopping at the Curious Store.  Loads of exclusive goodies were available for purchase from the popular shop, including prints, toys, books, and originals from artists Audrey Kawasaki, Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Luke Chueh.  If you have ever tried to purchase any limited edition items from any of these artists, you will know how much of a battle it usually is to try to be […]

Teaser: Tes One – “Stencil Art Show” @ White Walls Gallery

Tes One, aka Leon Bedore, is a stencil artist hailing from the Tampa Bay area.  Tes first caught AM‘s eye at Manifest Hope (covered) with his gorgeous painting “Change We Made“.  On October 10th, Tes will showing at White Walls for their “Stencil Art Show”, a well rounded selection of up and coming X-Acto luminaries such as Chris Stain, Ernesto Yerena, Casey Gray, David Soukup and Adam 5100.  For his Floridian fans who won’t be able to make it out to Frisco, Tes will also […]

One Year Anniversary of Being “Arrested”

Can you believe it’s already been one year since this little art website came to life? We can’t believe it either. It’s been a wild ride through the world of Contemporary, Low Brow, and Street Art. We would like to thank all the artists that have let us into their world and shared their unique vision and talents. Most of all we would like to thank you, the readers, for supporting Arrested Motion.

Teaser: Anthony Lister – “And Then The Wind Changed” @ New Image Art

Anthony Lister’s (interviewed) “And Then The Wind Changed” opens September 12th at New Image Art. He sent us a little image to whet our appetite while we wait for his body of work to develop. Hopefully he will grace Los Angeles with some work in the streets like he recently did in Sydney. Discuss this show here. Discuss Anthony Lister here.

Openings: El Mac – “Faces of Life” @ Fifty24SF

Better known for his photo realistic outdoor murals, El Mac brought his artwork indoors with the opening of his gallery show “Faces of Life” at Fifty24SF last Thursday. Featured in the show were a series large-scale pieces done with spray paint on burlap, with a majority consisting of portraits of ethereal women. In the rear of the gallery were some sketches done during his recent trip to Spain, as well as a couple of his recent prints. Advanced copies of his new book “Alianza” (which […]