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Openings: Bäst – “Germs Tropicana” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

Last week, the Opera Gallery hosted an opening for a rare solo from Bäst at their New York location entitled Germs Tropicana. The show featured somewhat of a new direction for the Brooklyn-based street artist as he delivered pieces that were dense with his collage-style imagery, some of which were circular in nature. Teeming with his signature pop iconography, they resembled giant petri dishes – hence the title of the show. Along with his collaboration with Greek olive oil brand Eléia, rounding out the exhibition were a series of gun sculptures. Photo credit: Joe Russo for Arrested […]

Openings: COPE2 – “Resilient” @ Dorian Grey

Bronx street & graffiti artist COPE2 recently opened up a new show at New York’s Dorian Grey Gallery. After seeing his signature bubble tag style at recently at exhibitions & on the streets, we check COPE twisting it to bring a different look by focusing less on his famous tag for his indoor works and a little more on the street element with his aerosols. Check out all the opening night action below. Discuss COPE2 here. Photo credit: Joe Russo for Arrested Motion. Check out more from Joe […]

Studio Visits: Shepard Fairey – “Harmony & Discord” @ Pace Prints

Last week, we shared a video of Shepard Fairey (featured) as he prepared for his upcoming solo at Pace Prints (26th street location) opening on May 5th. What you may not have known was that this exhibition, Harmony & Discord, has been over a year in the making. Last year, Shepard spent over a month living in New York City during a residency at the renowned Brooklyn studio location of Pace (with many more trips between LA & NYC since then), joining an exclusive & esteemed group […]

Openings: “This Side of Paradise” @ Andrew Freedman House

What do you with a historic welfare housing complex (for the formerly rich) in the Bronx? Why not invite artists to come in and redo the rooms? That’s exactly what No Longer Empty did with the help and curation by Keith Schweitzer. In a project called This Side of Paradise, they invited artists such as Daze, Crash, How & Nosm, Cheryl Pope, Cope2 and many more to work on this landmark building and to create site specific interactive works that reflect the ups and downs of […]

Streets: D*Face (New York)

In March, D*Face (interviewed) paid a visit to New York City for a little Armory Week action. Not only did he hit up the Scope Art Fair (more on that later), he also left his mark on the streets by hand painting murals in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Despite freezing temperatures, D worked the bricks with new imagery to delight the senses in both SOHO & Williamsburg. AM’s Joe Russo was on the scene to catch the action, check it out after the jump.

Openings: “Rammellzee: The Equation” @ Suzanne Geiss Company

Last week, the Suzanne Geiss Company in New York presented their inaugural exhibition RAMMELLZEE: THE EQUATION. The late graffiti and performance artist’s work was heavily based on his various theories, especially his vision of battle between letters and their symbolic warfare against any standardizations enforced by the rules of the alphabet. Coming from this world he created and featured in this exhibition are the Letter Racers, spacecraft like sculptures created from found objects which represented the letters A to Z and hung stunningly from the […]

Streets: Retna Mural on Bowery & Houston (Part II)

After spending some time with LA artist RETNA (featured) as he put his mark on the iconic Bowery & Houston wall in New York (covered here), AM headed back to see the finishing touches. As you can see, the MSK writer’s calligraphy is getting increasingly complex and is undecipherable for those who aren’t in the know. Luckily for those curious, we have a photo of part of the message he was painting. See this and more photos taken for us by Joe Russo after the jump…

Streets: Retna Mural on Bowery & Houston (Part I)

Last week, we sat patiently as the beautiful mural created by Faile came down and was being washed white, wondering who was going to be bold enough to take on the legendary Bowery & Houston wall next? The challenger hails from the City of Angels and reps not only the west coast, but the renowned MSK graffiti crew. Retna (featured) makes his first official return to New York since his massive solo there last winter. AM was invited to capture this undertaking as the project started on a rainy Saturday. Undeterred, […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey (Brooklyn)

After Shepard Fairey hit up the streets of Manhattan last summer, he made a stop in the borough of Brooklyn as well. AM rode along to catch Mr. Obey working spots both big and small while him and his crew went to work on their community beautification campaign. We saw him push through a number of mediums, from his detailed hand-painted wheatpastes to his newer stencils without tire. Check out all the action captured for us by Joe Russo after the jump.

Openings: The London Police – “Who Cares Wins” @ Opera Gallery (NY)

For those in New York show who haven’t seen the detailed work of The London Police, do yourself a favor and head over to the Opera Gallery and take a look at a collection of paintings from the always entertaining duo in their newest solo show. Who Cares Win features their iconic characters interacting with some self-portraits of Chaz & Bob as well as many of their friends right in the middle of the pieces, some with NY imagery. The collaborative team also showed that […]