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Openings: Alex Lukas – “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder” @ Guerrero Gallery

One of the shows that opened tonight at the Guerrero Gallery was Alex Lukas’ solo “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder”. Along with the post-apocalyptic imagery that has captivated fans of the Philadelphia-based artist, Lukas brings back some of the desolate landscapes he has worked on in the past but now with more detail and cohesive composition. Several of these are done in large scale (7.5 x 3.5 feet) and have been mounted on mini “billboards” (seen above). He also continues his interesting […]

Preview: Alex Lukas & Matt Leines @ Guerrero Gallery

Alex Lukas and Matt Leines are about to show at Guerrero Gallery this weekend, May 8th, and both artists look to be showing some new direction. With Alex we were looking forward to seeing urban environments which are often used to depict a not so distant future where a disaster has overtaken mankind. With this show, we see his work evolving as he’s moving a little away from focusing on cityscapes as we last saw in his show at Glowlab (covered). Matt Leines’ work also […]

Openings: Alex Lukas – “The Eventuality of Daybreak” @ Glowlab

We recently stopped by Glowlab in NYC to check out “The Eventuality of Daybreak,” the new body of work from Alex Lukas. The solo exhibition from the Philly-based artist revealed a batch of works that highlighted desolate apocalyptic landscapes of major cities which depict a possible near future where these metropolises are literally submerged through coastal flooding. Alex works with various techniques including acrylic, ink, silkscreen, gouache to get his images and points across. The work was not only intricately put together, but also reasonably priced. If you’re […]