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Openings: Andy Kehoe – “Into The Depths” @ Thinkspace

Last weekend, the Andy Kehoe unveiled a new selection of work featuring a new technique of layering his paintings with resin (and even some local flora). Despite the use of a new medium, Into The Depths at Thinkspace Gallery still highlights the reasons why the Pittsburgh-based painter is popular with his fans – autumnal imagery and colors, mysterious characters, and imaginative backgrounds. This added three-dimensional element just elevates the work to the next level and must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez. Discuss this […]

Preview: Andy Kehoe – “Into The Depths” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Tomorrow night (July 7th) sees Andy Kehoe returning to Thinkspace Gallery for another solo show, but he has brought a new body of work that explores a new medium and technique with him this time. Utilizing resin to create a more layered and three-dimensional look, the early images look amazing and AM can’t wait to see these in person. The same whimsical characters, autumnal imagery, imaginative backgrounds, and palette are still present but they now seem to have more depth and come alive with the new look. Stop by […]

Upcoming: Andy Kehoe – “Into the Depths” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Coming up on July 7th, the Thinkspace Gallery will be presenting a new selection of paintings from Andy Kehoe. For Into the Depths, the Pittsburgh-based artist will be exploring a new process in creating his works. Involving multiple layers of resin, the new pieces are time-intensive but add a complexity and 3D effect to his new body of work while maintaining his fascination with autumn-themed imagery. He’s also incorporating local flora into the paintings, which will see his signature characters peeking out from behind real cattails […]

Openings: “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” @ Copro Gallery

A couple weeks ago, the 20th anniversary of cult hit television show Twin Peaks was celebrated with a group exhibition at the Copro Gallery entitled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. A diverse set of artists were ask to create artwork based thematically on the dark side and imagery from the show including Shag, Brett Amory, Esao Andrews, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens, Tim Biskup, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Lori Earley, Stella Im Hultberg, Jessica Joslin, Andy Kehoe, Dan May, Tara McPherson, Chris Peters, Dan […]

Teaser: Andy Kehoe – “Arise, Feral Night” @ Roq La Rue

We were browsing the always excellent Erratic Phenomena recently and came across this painting from Andy Kehoe where one of his creatures gaze out into the cosmos. If this painting and the title of the show, Arise, Feral Night, is any indication, then darkness has indeed fallen over the autumnal world of the Pittsburgh-based painter. The show opens October 14th at Roq La Rue. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andy Kehoe here.

Preview: “The Blab! Show” @ Roq La Rue

Featuring a stellar lineup of artists, the Roq La Rue gallery will be hosting the reoccurring The Blab! Show with Krampus being the theme this time. Familiar regulars such as Nicoletta Ceccoli, Travis Louie, Martin Wittfooth, Ana Bagayan, Brian Despain, Dan May, Shag, Andy Kehoe, and some other talent new to AM will be painting their versions of the mythical creature. Judging from the piece above, there will be some spanking and other punishments in Seattle when this Friday, August 12th rolls around. More preview […]

Preview: Andy Kehoe – “Strange Wanderings” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Master of the autumn palette, Andy Kehoe will be bringing his rich landscapes and creatures to New York when he opens his solo “Strange Wanderings” alongside Gary Baseman at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. We haven’t seen a large body of work from Andy since the end to 2009, so we are looking forward to seeing what he has to offer come March 5th. More preview images after the jump…

Preview: Thinkspace Five Year Anniversary Show

Coming this Saturday night, our friends at the Thinkspace Gallery will be holding their Five Year Anniversary Show. As you might expect, with their storied history and drawing from their large roster of artists, the group show is shaping up to be pretty epic. It looks like all the artists are putting some of their best work together – see the Natalia Fabia’s (interviewed) piece above – so make sure you attend the opening on November 6th! We have more preview images for you after […]

Openings: “BLABWORLD … Scenes from THE HEREAFTER” @ Copro Gallery

Last Saturday, the long time running publication BLAB! completed its makeover with their reoccurring show at Copro Gallery – this time as BLABWORLD. The renamed anthology of comics, illustration, and graphic design from Monte Beauchamp focused on thematic works based on “scenes from THE HEREAFTER” and a nice slate of artists obliged with their unique interpretations. Take a look at all the opening images after the jump…

Preview: “The Next Generation” Group Show @ London Miles Gallery

The largely USA based new contemporary art movement continues it’s assault on the UK next week with “The Next Generation” opening Friday June 11th at London Miles Gallery. Curated by Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery director, Andrew Hosner, the exhibition promises new work from 45 artists, all presented in a common format of 12 square inches. Continuing the charge recently begun with “Art from the New World” in Bristol, this time the art comes to heart of the action in London itself. For many of the […]