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Upcoming: Os Gemeos – “Parallel Connection” @ Times Square (New York)

Joining artists like Ryan McGinley and Tracey Emin before them, Brazilian sensations Os Gemeos will be presenting an animation of their characters starting tomorrow from 11:57pm to midnight each night in August at New York’s Times Square. Parallel Connection is the title of this new project, which will light up the electronic billboards of one of NYC’s most iconic intersections. This latest effort from the duo is part of the Midnight Moment presented by The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and curated by Times Square Arts in partnership with […]

Video: Tonight’s Simpsons Episode Opening Storybooked and Directed by Banksy

Wow, how could something like this have been kept under wraps for so long? Guess it come with the territory. With one of the most closely guarded identities of all time for a street artist, Banksy must be used to keeping secrets. Take a look at this extended opening for the Simpsons that he storybooked and directed. Via Wooster Collective. Discuss Banksy here.

Videos / Teaser: Os Gemeos – “It’s Snowing” Animation

We just got wind of a pretty cool project Os Gemeos has been working on – an animated feature based on their beloved imagery and characters. Although the twins are using more traditional methods, this brings to mind Blu and his graffiti-animations. We can’t wait to see what the brothers from Brazil will bring with their imagination in this new medium. Check out a short snippet in the video above entitled “It’s Snowing” which is loosely based on the Russian clown show – Slava’s SnowShow. […]

Video: Bender from Futurama as Invader

Just like the previous intersections of popular animated series and our art world (see Souther Salazar x Family Guy, Shepard Fairey x Family Guy, Shepard Fairey x South Park,  and Ron English x Simpsons), Futurama has now upped the ante with a clip of Bender running around putting up “street art” stylized after the tile work of Invader. Via Mike Maxwell. Discuss Invader here.