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AM Films: Anthony Lister – Los Angeles

Arrested Motion photographer and filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez brings you a new video in which he interviews Australian-born artist Anthony Lister. Documenting the artist’s multiple visits to the city of Los Angeles for exhibitions (HVW8, New Image Art) & street work (here, here, and here) during the last 9 months, this video sheds light on not only the artwork created by Lister, but it also brings to the surface his views on topics such as street art, technique and the themes pushing his artwork forward. In […]

Rewind: March 26 – April 1

NASA recently released a video they call Perpetual Ocean which tracks all the ocean currents from around the world. The twist is the animation has a pretty cool Van Gogh inspired vibe and is billed as “every bit as turbulent as the Starry Night” (via Animal), Other notable videos include: Trailer for Roger Gastman’s Wall Writers. Slick x Cale Super Mario Bros video (via Hypebeast). Two walkthrough videos of Kelsey Brookes’ Meditations on Symmetry show. Anthony Lister caught in action by Birdman painting Chalk Gallery (via […]

Openings: Anthony Lister – “Things we shouldn’t talk about” @ Avantgarden

After a impressive showing in Los Angeles with some his best work of recent times, Anthony Lister (interviewed) headed to Italy for an exhibition at Avantgarden. Not only did he import some of the ballerina imagery that he has been working on of late to Milan for his first solo show there, a thugged out dancer showed up for a performance. Other shenanigans including more evidence of the Aussie artist’s involvement with a faux-kidnapping club, a skeleton with laser eyes, as well as indoor & outdoor […]

Openings: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art

Last night, New Image Art gallery unveiled the latest work by Australian artist Anthony Lister (interviewed). As we showed you earlier in the week with a video teaser (covered), he had been hard at work inside his studio preparing to unleash a new body of work. Now after visiting this exhibition, it’s safe to say that Lister has once again delivered a repertoire of artwork which clearly displays his unique and unmistakable style. The night featured Lister’s thematic take on the ballerina as both an image of […]

Video: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art (Teaser)

This upcoming Thursday, February 23rd, Anthony Lister (interviewed) will be showcasing a new body of work during his solo exhibition (previewed) at LA’s New Image Art. Focusing on the central theme of beauty and the twisted form of the ballerina, this collection of paintings will bring to the foreground Lister’s meticulous technique of blending his figurative style with an aura of abstraction. Although the Aussie  street artist has been out on the streets of Los Angeles painting murals (covered), he’s also been hard at work inside his […]

Streets: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles)

Last time we saw Anthony Lister in Los Angeles, he painted a mural (covered) based on the film The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Now the Aussie artist is back in LA where he is preparing for his solo show at New Image Art (previewed). While here, he’s making the most of his time by also hitting up a Culver City location which is becoming a prominent mural spot for street artists as evidenced by walls from Herakut (covered), David Flores (covered), Cyrcle. (covered), Andrew […]

Preview: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art

Those embedded in the art scene in Los Angeles have no doubt seen Aussie street artist Anthony Lister (interviewed) out and about. You may be wondering what he is doing back in town so soon after painting his Planet of the Apes inspired mural (covered) back in December. Well, for one, he was in town for the New Image Art & The Hole party that coincided with the ALAC Fair where his custom-painted balloon was on display.  And, more importantly, he is currently working on his next […]
Ludo in Paris. Fake xray ads.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 12 – Dec 18)

To start off our summary of walls this week, we get news that Ludo has been in Paris getting some new fake xray ads like this piece with a hand skeleton seen inside a mosquito. Other walls seen after the jump include a collaboration between Remi/Rough and LX One (Miami), Ethos (Sydney), Liqen (Mexico), Know Hope (Miami), Ever (Miami), Kid Zoom (Australia), Anthony Lister (Australia), Agostino (Italy), Merge Invisible (Hungary), and 2-Hands (Portugal).

Streets: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles) Part II

Just yesterday, we brought you progress shots of Anthony Lister (interviewed) and his latest mural (covered) taking place on the famed Barracuda Wall. Meant to coincide with the blu-ray release of the 20th Century Fox film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Lister’s latest adventure in mural painting displays his take on the film franchise, but like always, he manages to insert his own unique style into the fold. The mural took three nights to complete and will be quite the attraction for all those who […]

Streets: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles) Part 1

During the last couple of days, Anthony Lister (interviewed), who just came back from Miami’s Art Basel (coverage) and who also had a show recently in his home country of Australia (covered), is once again making his mark in the city of Los Angeles. As he did during the last summer, he once again has taken over the Barracuda Wall but this time he has painted a ape-themed mural which truly shows Lister’s range and amazing technique in full view. The mural is actually part of an […]