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Art Focus: Fabien Mérelle

Last month at Art Stage Singapore (covered), our attention was drawn to photos of this exquisite sculpture from French artist Fabien Mérelle shown at the Edouard Malingue Gallery booth). The piece entitled Pentateuque features a man bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders (in the form of an elephant),  a translation of a drawing by the same artist into a three-dimensional form. The sculpt was created wit resin, paint, hair and fabric, and stands only 30 x 27 x 12 inches. For those who liked this work, […]

Preview: Art Stage Singapore

Tomorrow (January 24) marks the opening of a couple art fairs you should know about.  One is the Art Los Angeles Contemporary (more on this soon) and the other happens on the other side of the globe in Asia. Art Stage Singapore is arguably the highest profile art fair that focuses on the Southeast Asia region with over 120 galleries (75% of exhibitors are from the Asia Pacific region). Here are some setup and preview images for you of the work that will be on display […]

“Navinland Needs You: We Are Asia!” for Art Stage Singapore

Fans of Asian Contemporary Art will be interested to hear about a commissioned painting from Navin Rawanchaikui for this year’s Art Stage Singapore featuring work and portraits of some of the top artists in the world. Created to celebrate the idea of a unity in the region, the huge 13 meter long three panel piece entitled Navinland Needs You: We Are Asia! references artists like Ai Weiwei, Zhang Huan, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Yue Minjun and more. Also included were the likenesses of […]

Art Stage Singapore ’12 – Overview

As a followup to the video footage of this year’s Art Stage Singapore that we posted over the weekend, here are some photos of some selected works from the fair. Featuring a more region-focused program, this Asian fair included some familiar names as well as many intriguing new artists to AM. More photos from the first art fair of the year via Artitute after the jump…

Videos: Art Stage Singapore 2012

Showing through the end of the weekend, Art Stage Singapore, which is taking place at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre, seeks to distinguish itself from other fairs in the region by maintaining a strong focus on Asian artists. Among the exhibitors are major galleries from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing, Jakarta, Tokyo, Sydney, Taipei, Mumbai, as well as well-known dealers from Europe and the US. Although we did not catch glimpses of work from Adam Neate and Scott Campbell […]

Preview: Scott Campbell – “Paved With Good Intentions” @ Gallery Reis

With his first European solo opening up in Zurich later on this month, Scott Campbell will be heading to Asia for a warm-up showing on January 13th. Paved With Good Intentions at Gallery Reis in Singapore will focus on his most well-known creations – his cut currency pieces. Utilizing sheets of US dollars as his canvas, images from tattoo subculture are cut directly into the bills forming a sunken relief effect. While there, the NY-based artist will also be participating at this years Art Stage Singapore at the […]

Videos / Teaser: Adam Neate – “Revolving Door” @ Art Stage Singapore

Just like last year, visionary artist Adam Neate (interviewed) will be presenting his work at Art Stage Singapore. Showing with Elms Lester when the fair opens January 12th, the UK-based painter has created new piece, Revolving Door, for his fans in Asia that full demonstrates his “Dimensional Painting” technique. Discuss Adam Neate here.