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Streets: Banksy in SF (Part IV)

Apparently Banksy has been real busy in San Francisco as another five new stencils have been discovered (see previous six here). Combining business with pleasure, the stealthy street artist has hit up famous spots like the Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz. We can’t remember the last time Banksy has gifted one city with so many street pieces, so fans in the Bay Area are definitely the subject of some worldwide jealousy at the moment. All the images after the jump…

Streets: Banksy in San Francisco (Part III)

Sir Banksy is on a tear in SF as we round up 6 different spots which he banged out in the past few days. As we see two which we already covered (Part I & Part II), what’s cool is our friends from Warholian did a little hometown research and plotted the exact addresses of each piece. So if you’re lucky enough to be near the Bay area, you should get your GPS out and do a little urban sight seeing. (While they lasts…) See pics of each one […]

Streets: Banksy in San Francisco (Part II)

Looks like a second possible Banksy piece has been spotted in the Bay Area on Valencia Street with what looks to be an obvious reference to his Cop with Koons Dog stencil in LA that was stolen recently. So, it appears that Mr. B has hit up two out of the three cities in the U.S. where his film premiered (no love for New York?). Take a look at some more detailed shots after the jump of this piece as well as more shots of […]

Streets: Banksy in San Francisco?

Hmm, with the series of premieres already making it’s way across the nation for Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop” including LA (covered) and New York (covered), it’s only natural to assume that Banksy could easily whiz up the Cali coast to No Cal and hit up San Francisco. We got a tip from our friends at Warholian that this could be the latest piece from the masked bomber. Located in the Chinatown area, it looks very familiar… What do you think? Discuss Banksy here.