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BLK River Festival ’10: Blu

To round out the images that caught our eye at this year’s BLK River Festival (also see Know Hope and Sam3), we bring you this waterside piece from Italian superstar Blu. Although not as complex as some of his recent pieces, the message is no less clear. Unlock your eyes and minds and check out more images of this pieces after the jump…

BLK River Festival ‘ 10: Sam3

After sharing Know Hope’s amazing mural with you from the Vienna street art festival, we now bring you an eclectic collection of Sam3’s contributions. The Spanish silhouette master painted many of his increasingly complex pieces all over town as this year’s BLK River Festival is now in full effect. More images after the jump…

BLK River Festival ’10: Know Hope

Know Hope (interviewed), whose upcoming show in Toronto we just told you about yesterday, recently found some time again this year for the annual BLK River Festival (you may remember our coverage from last year). This beautiful mural featuring much of the Tel Aviv street artist’s signature imagery is entitled “For the Homeless Heart and Anxious Fingers” and is positioned directly opposite of a former Jewish ghetto in the second district of Vienna. The festival is still ongoing so make sure you check it out […]