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Art HK ’12 Art Fair – BMW Art Car x Andy Warhol

This year, Art Hong Kong had a special booth that was not hosted by a gallery, but an automotive company. BMW, long a sponsor of the arts with their Art Car program in where legends like Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Jeff Koons and Alexander Calder were recruited to design the exterior of their flagship sports car. The German car maker gave  attendees of this year’s fair a unique treat as they brought back the M1 sports car that was hand painted by Andy Warhol. Yes, […]

Video / Interviews: Jeff Koons x BMW Art Car

Continuing with our coverage of this cool project, here’s an interview of Jeff Koons discussing his contribution in designing BMW’s M3 GT2 which raced recently in the 24 Hours of Le mans endurance race in France on June 13th. In the video he talks about his inspiration for the car, his peers and his family with Blast. Thanks to Hypebeast for the heads up. Discuss Jeff Koons here.

Jeff Koons x BMW Art Car Unleashed @ Centre Pompidou

Jeff Koons just premiered his latest contribution to the historic BMW “Art Car” line at the historic Centre Pompidou. The pictures of the final product was even more impressive than the initial prototype image we first showed you. This unique BMW M3 GT2 will be racing in the 24 Hours of Le mans endurance race in France on June 12-13th, 2010. Check out the pics of the final production car along with a cool video documenting the creation of this car with Koons and BMW […]

Jeff Koons’ Design for BMW Unveiled

A few month’s back, we announced that BMW selected Jeff Koons as next up for the artist line of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Koons recently unveiled the concept design for his automotive masterpiece which was inspired by his desire for the checkered flag leading him to create the streaking effect with saturated hues. Sorta looks like the car is moving through a rainbow at warp speed right? The car will makes it’s debut at the 24 Hours of Le mans endurance race in Paris this […]

Studio Visits: Jeff Koons – 17th BMW Art Car Artist Announcement

Since 1975, BMW has commissioned many legendary artists to add their vision of automotive design to their renowned “Art Car” program, some of which we saw on a visit to LACMA. From Andy Warhol to Alexander Calder to Roy Lichtenstein, each iconic artist makes their own unique artistic twist on the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. And for the 17th edition, Jeff Koons was selected to participate in this storied tradition. To celebrate, Jeff opened up his studio for a rare peek into his Manhattan “factory” located […]