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Baby Tattooville ’09: Yoskay Yamamoto Reverse Studio Visit

Amidst all the releases, events and activities that took place during Baby Tattooville ’09, the one event that really provided true insight into the technical and creative processes of the participating artists was the organized Reverse Studio Visits.  For their visits, the artists (in this case Yoskay Yamamoto, Audrey Kawasaki, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Miss Mindy and Elizabeth McGrath) brought in-process works with them to BT ’09, spending an hour each painting and providing a behind the scenes peek at how they work in their studios.  […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Art Jam

If the artists at Baby Tattooville are the heart of the event, then the “Art Jam” is definitely the bloodline that is pumping throughout the event. Starting at 5pm on the opening day and lasting a little past 8pm the next night, “Art Jam” is a culmination of the all the participating artist’s hard work. Like in previous years, the blank canvas was tinkered with by a few brave artists during the initial dinner, but by the time midnight rolled around, one could clearly see […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: “The Goodie Bag”

One of the more common questions Baby Tattooville attendees are asked is “what do you get out of it?” Well, aside from an intimate setting to socialize with artists and collectors, and an opportunity to gain insight into artists and their work through various discussions and reverse studio visits (more on this later), there are of course more material benefits. The “goodie bags” are distributed to BT attendees at the end of the event and includes originals, prints, and various art products from all the […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Buff Monster

One thing that Baby Tattooville attendees definitely noticed this year was the fact that they received much more original art to take home with them.  Last year, there seemed to be more “art products” given out, ie prints, art toys, etc… That is not to say that they aren’t appreciated, especially the hand customized figures by Buff Monster for this years BT.  Throughout the weekend, Buff Monster could be seen working on the toys as well as sketching for fans.  You will also soon see […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Curious Art Sale

During each annual Baby Tattooville, artists produce exclusive artwork for an all-one-print that includes each and every piece.  The original artwork that is used for that print is available first to attendees of the event, then if any pieces are still available, the public will have a chance to buy.  The order in which those lucky BT-goers receive the opportunity to purchase is based on their ticket number (those who were the first to register get lower numbers).  It is a wonderful opportunity to skip […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Curious Store

One of the favorite activities Baby Tattooville-goers look forward to the most during Baby Tattooville is shopping at the Curious Store.  Loads of exclusive goodies were available for purchase from the popular shop, including prints, toys, books, and originals from artists Audrey Kawasaki, Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Luke Chueh.  If you have ever tried to purchase any limited edition items from any of these artists, you will know how much of a battle it usually is to try to be […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: KMNDZ and his giveaway

Baby Tattooville attendees were surprised to see a large Johnny Rodriguez aka KMNDZ painting in the corner of the room when they walked in for their opening reception yesterday.  Imagine the reaction when we learned that one lucky collector was going to be able to take this beautiful painting home with them via a raffle.  Johnny definitely went beyond the call of duty to make sure BT attendees got their money’s worth this year.  Also, there is a mysterious scavenger hunt or game (KMNDZ was […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Dr. Sketchy’s @ Riverside Art Museum

One of the cornerstones of last year’s  Baby Tattooville was the fabulous “Life Drawing” party (here), where a model is featured in varying poses for participants to sketch alongside their favorite BT artists. Think playing catch with your favorite quarterback or jamming with your favorite band. Well this year, BT decided to shake things up a bit and invite Molly Crabapple’s Dr. Sketchy’s to host the event and to up the ante by bringing a professional model to be the muse.  The drawing session was held at […]

Baby Tattooville ‘09: “Son Of Baby Tattooville” Museum Reception

After a successful exhibition last year (“Beyond Baby Tattooville”), the Riverside Art Museum brings back Baby Tattooville with this year’s roster of artists, with a show called “Son of Baby Tattooville”.  It was a unique museum group show in that almost all the artists who had works in the show made it in person to the opening.  Museum-goers were greeted with highly-representational pieces by each artists, such as Audrey Kawasaki‘s classic Two Sisters. More images after the jump…

Baby Tattooville ’09: Opening Reception

Following last night’s late sketch, swap and sketch again session, AM and the participating artists reconvened for the official commencement of Baby Tattooville 2009.  Much like last year’s Shag badge (covered), this years attendees were greeted with a special name tag/art print by none other Greg “Craola” Simkins.  In addition to this signed and numbered mini print, Baby Tattooville debuted this year’s “X in one” print, a complimentary, limited edition giclee featuring the art of all participating BT artists.  Check out the goody, print and […]