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Preview: “Lowbrow Tarot Project” @ La Luz de Jesus

We just wanted to let you know about an interesting project on display this October at La Luz de Jesus – the Lowbrow Tarot Project curated by Aunia Kahn. She has invited 22 other great artists including Kris Kuksi, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Laurie Lipton, Brian Viveros, Scott G. Brooks, and Jennybird Alcantara to create artwork inspired by the 22 major Arcana of tarot cards, each representing an aspect of human emotion. The multidisciplinary show opens on October 9th and will feature a book and […]

Openings: “Love Conquers All” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Last Saturday night, AM stopped by the “Love Conquers All” show in Culver City at the Thinkspace Gallery. The exhibition’s concept was based on the struggle of the gay community for equality with part of the proceeds were donated to Equality California. Things don’t always turn out well for themed group shows, but this time, many of the artists were able to maintain their signature imagery yet at the same time subtly produce relevant works. More images from the opening after the jump…

Preview: “Love Conquers All” @ Thinkspace Gallery

This Saturday night, August 7th, Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting “Love Conquers All”, a group show supporting the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) struggle with 20% of the proceeds donated to Equality California. Looking through the preview, there really are some pretty strong pieces in this show from many of the artists that we cover here on AM. Take a look at a full list of the artists as well as more preview pics after the jump…

Openings: “Lead Poisoning” & Jason D’Aquino Solo @ Last Rites Gallery

Earlier this month, Last Rites Gallery in New York hosted “Lead Poisoning”, a group show that included a surprisingly strong list of participants. Artists like David Stoupakis, Eric White (interviewed), Glenn Barr, Ron English (featured), Chet Zar, Esao Andrews (interviewed), Chris Mars, Greg Simkins (interviewed), Robert Williams, Brian Despain (interviewed) and many others contributed drawings to exhibition. Add in a solo show from Jason D’Aquino, who seems to work exclusively in graphite, and the evening was complete. Take a look at all the openings pics […]

Preview: Chet Zar – “Endarkenment” @ Last Rites Gallery

Chet Zar – the last time we saw his frightening work was in LA (covered), but now New Yorkers have a chance to see his work first hand. Gifted with the ability to paint nightmarish bogeymen and scary visuals, Chet is also one of the nicest artists around. Experience this seeming contradiction yourself on April 10th as Chet opens up a new solo show “Endarkenment” at the Last Rites Gallery. Take a look at more preview images from the dark side and some custom frames […]

Preview: “Hi Fructose 5th Anniversary Show” @ Copro Gallery

It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since one of our favorite magazines released their first issue. Just like Jonathan LeVine Gallery last month (covered), Hi-Fructose is celebrating their five year anniversary with a group show with artists that have been featured in their publication since the very beginning. With so many great artists included, there are bound to be some great pieces like the piece above from Mia (interviewed). The show opens on Saturday, March 13th at Copro Gallery. Full list of […]

Preview: “A Cry For Help” Benefit Show @ Thinkspace

Opening January 8th as one of the first shows of 2010 will be Thinkspace’s “A Cry For Help.”  The group show features a long list of artists who have produced work bringing attention to different endangered animals.  Twenty percent of the proceeds will go to Born Free USA, a national animal advocacy organization that works toward “ending the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescuing individual animals in need, protecting wildlife including highly endangered species in their natural habitats, and encouraging compassionate conservation globally.” Take […]

Showing: Chet Zar – “Lilith” @ Copro Gallery

AM had the chance to stop by Copro Gallery the other day to check out Chet Zar’s current show “Lilith.”  This will be the last weekend the show is on display, so make sure to take a look if you are in town. Chet does not paint female figures that often, so this was definitely something new to feast your eyes on. The colors he chose really complemented the mood he was trying to achieve as you can see painting above (purchased by Guillermo del […]

Preview: “Monster?” Group Show @ Copro Gallery

Monsters are attacking Bergamot Station!  Well, at least for the similarly named group show at Copro Gallery this Saturday night curated by none other than Travis Louie (interviewed).  Well respected in the art world and a talented artist himself, Travis was able to put together an impressive list of participants for exhibition.  Not only did he include regulars like Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Ron English (featured), Dan May (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, Chet Zar, Brian Despain (interviewed), Ana Bagayan (featured), and Tessar Lo, he also made sure […]

Openings: Chet Zar & James Zar – “When Worlds Collide” @ L’Imagerie Gallery

L’Imagerie Gallery recently opened “When Worlds Collide,” a unique show featuring the work of Chet and James Zar. This marks the first time this father and son combination has ever shown together. Chet Zar is know for his visually dark and eerie subject matter which is a sharp contrast to his father, James Zar’s, fantasy still-life style. This show closes June 20th so stop by the gallery and check it out. More after the jump.