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Preview: Chris Peters – “The Soul Never Sleeps” @ Last Rites Gallery

This Saturday night (May 26th), the Last Rites Gallery will be hosting The Soul Never Sleeps from Chris Peters in what will be his second solo show at the gallery (see 2010). About the 12 works he created for the exhibition, the LA-based artist states – “In this show I continue the search for beauty in dark places. I love that uneasy twilight place between life and death, between reality and unreality, between hope and despair. I use the vocabulary of Vanitas and Catholic religious […]

Openings: “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” @ Copro Gallery

A couple weeks ago, the 20th anniversary of cult hit television show Twin Peaks was celebrated with a group exhibition at the Copro Gallery entitled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. A diverse set of artists were ask to create artwork based thematically on the dark side and imagery from the show including Shag, Brett Amory, Esao Andrews, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens, Tim Biskup, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Lori Earley, Stella Im Hultberg, Jessica Joslin, Andy Kehoe, Dan May, Tara McPherson, Chris Peters, Dan […]

Teaser: “Obey Your Master” Metallica Tribute Show @ Exhibit A Gallery

Fans of heavy metal and art will have a chance to attend a exhibition where their two loves get together for a rare intersect. Obey Your Master will feature a collection of artists (including Shepard Fairey, David Stoupakis, Shawn Barber, Usugrow, Paul Chatem, Chris Peters, Nathan Ota, Brian Viveros, Dan May, Sylvia Ji, and Travis Louie – seen above with a concept sketch of his zombie piece) who have each chosen a song from Metallica as inspiration for their art piece which will then be […]

Preview: Chris Peters – “Live and Let Die” @ Copro Gallery

Possessing the rare skill of creating life after death, Chris Peters will once again bring his emotive skeletal creatures to the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica this Saturday night, November 13th. “Live and Let Die” at the Copro Gallery showcases Peters’ visions of how death is but a bridge to the next journey where our bony remains can still find love, hope, peace, and even religion. More preview images after the jump…

Showing: “13th Hour III” @ Last Rites Gallery

After tipping you off to two holiday-appropriate shows (Neckface in LA and Phantasmagoria in Montreal), we have one last one for you – the “13th Hour III” group show at the Last Rites Gallery. With great curatorial direction, the group of artists chosen all are mostly known for darker and bizarre imagery, leading to a great series of paintings of eerie creatures and creepy situations. Some selections after the jump…

Openings: Chris Peters & David R. Choquette @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend, the Last Rites Gallery hosted artists Chris Peters’ (previewed) and David R. Choquette‘s newest bodies of work. Both artists were in attendance and focused on subject matter consistent with what we have come to expect from the gallery – Peters with his signature skeletal forms and Choquette with his celebration of the grotesque. See all the pic after the jump…

Preview: Chris Peters @ Last Rites Gallery

Los Angeles based artist Chris Peters has a show opening this Saturday, March 6th at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Peters’ paintings are full of symbolism, somber atmosphere, and strangely enough they elicit an emotional response from viewers even though his main characters are devoid of flesh and skin, but maybe that’s the point. Besides providing the nice preview images after the jump, Chris has also kindly agreed to mail a signed showcard to the first reader who can leave a comment telling us how […]

Preview: Chris Peters – “Reflections” @ Copro Gallery

Los Angeles artist Chris Peters will be opening a show this weekend at Copro Gallery entitled “Reflections.” He’ll be bringing along with him his skeletal friends like the one above in a painting entitled “Along a Dark Path.” It has always amazed us how Peters is able to protray human emotion with just the bare bones after one’s skin and muscle has been stripped away. Take a look at several more preview images after the jump…

Openings: Hi-Fructose Group Show – “Overdose” @ Copro Gallery

“Overdose” (previewed) opened this past Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Upon entering the gallery, you will notice several great pieces from “Overdose” on display in the gallery’s front room. The majority of the exhibition’s body of work is displayed in the gallery’s main room. A table was set up over in the smaller wing of the gallery for the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 1 book signing. Artists Greg “Craola” Simkins, Gary Baseman, Attaboy, photographer Brian McCarty, and Joe Ledbetter were all on hand for […]

Preview: “Overdose” Hi-Fructose Group Show @ Copro Gallery

After their highly successful group show last year, Hi-Fructose is back again with another exhibition, this time titled “Overdose,” opening April 4th at Copro Gallery.  With a increasingly more respected reputation as one of the best publications in the scene, they been able to assemble a pretty amazing lineup.  Sure to be one of the showstoppers is this huge 50 x 50 inch Chris Berens piece seen above.  See some other preview pics as well as the full lineup after the jump.