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Releases: Christiian Nagel – “Honey Fungus”

We’ve shared photos of Christiaan Nagel and his work with you before whether it be in a gallery setting or on the streets. The colorful fungi from the UK-based artist are instantly recognizable and are constructed from polyurethane, fiber glass, and stainless steel. For those who want a smaller version for their collection, he has released an edition (limited to 20) of shrooms for £25 each here. Discuss Christiian Nagel here. Via artbleat.

Streets: World Roundup (Nov 19 – Nov 25)

This week’s look at public art around the world is headlined by this new piece (source) from Case (aka Andreas von Chrzanowski) in Frankfurt, Germany. Painted at the construction site for the future European Central Bank headquarters, the MaClaim crew member painted Pinnochio being manipulated by a pair of hands, making some sort of political statement. Other worthy pieces come from Escif – Spain, Kidult – Belgium (source), Remi Rough & Shok-1 – London (source), Mesa – Italy, Christiaan Nagel – London, Remed – Morocco, Pixel […]

Openings: Christiaan Nagel @ Rich Mix

Last week, Londoners discovered an infestation of mushrooms at the Rich Mix showspace with the culprit being artist Christiaan Nagel. If you remember, we first introduced you to his street fungi back in January – colorful constructs of polyurethane, fiber glass, and stainless steel which he installed strategically on top of buildings and roofs mostly in the East End. Presented by Street Art London, the show which brought some of Nagel’s signature creations indoors was certainly well received by the packed crowd. More opening pics after […]

Teaser: Christiaan Nagel @ Rich Mix

You may remember a while back when we introduced you to Christiaan Nagel’s mushroom street interventions in London. Apparently, he will be taking his creations indoors with a show presented by Street Art London at Rich Mix. His thoughts behind the show – “Mushrooms are a metaphor for the idea. Ideas are original thoughts. Where do all ideas come from? They are the culmination of the person and his environmental circumstances. There is an element of randomness in any idea, that part we don’t have […]

Streets: Christiaan Nagel (London)

We came across these sculptural street pieces recently from Christiaan Nagel placed last year scattered around on the East End in London. The colorful mushrooms are made from polyurethane, fiber glass, and stainless steel and are placed on top of buildings and roofs. Not sure if these are an ongoing series from the artist but we kinda hope it is. More photos via Street Art London after the jump…