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Preview: Conor Harrington – “Headless Heroes” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Next week, Irish sensation Conor Harrington (interviewed) will show a new body of work entitled “Headless Heroes” (teased). A master mixologist when it comes to urban/fine art, Conor will be opening his show on Friday (Oct 30th) at Lazarides (Rathbone Place), following the Micallef show. The theme of this show will not only focus on the masculine side of the world, but also the inclusion of the female form. We look forward to see the intricate details that we’ve come to expect from the layers […]

Teaser/Releases: Conor Harrington @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Conor Harrington (interviewed) who was just in Italy for his part in the FAME Festival and in the U.S. for a show at Kinsey/Desforges (covered) will be releasing this detailed drawing for sale through the Shop at Lazarides. The A5 sized drawing will be available at the Greek St. Location July 19th at 2pm at £950 plus VAT, but of particular interest is that it is a glimpse at what’s to come for his upcoming solo at Lazarides (Rathbone Place) in October.  As always, expect […]