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Openings: Greg “Craola” Simkins – “The Pearl Thief” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Last night, Greg Simkins aka Craola (interviewed) opened his show “The Pearl Thief” at the LA location of Gallery 1988.  Featuring his largest painting to date (glimpses of which you saw in our studio visit) and a riddle/puzzle that lead to a prize of an original painting from Greg, show-goers left with plenty to talk about. “The Pearl Thief” painting (seen above), was pretty amazing. One of the most detailed paintings we have ever seen; it was like ten paintings in one with many of […]

Videos: Craola – “The Pearl Thief” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

As you can imagine, we are pretty excited about Greg Simkins’ (interviewed) show tomorrow; especially after getting a glimpse at the body of work during our studio visit. The show opening at Gallery1988 (LA) entitled “The Pearl Thief” is about a monster who travels the globe stealing people’s imaginations – “pearls,” if you will. To get an even better idea about the show check out the video above and after the jump… Also, according to Jensen, “the art show will also be an interactive experience, […]

Studio Visits: Greg Simkins

With Greg Simkins’ “The Pearl Thief” exhibition opening next Tuesday at Gallery1988, we thought we’d visit Greg and see how things were wrapping up. Professional, organized, and family oriented – those are the first things that come to mind when first stepping into Greg’s studio. These same themes continue throughout the rest of the studio’s rooms. Greg was finishing up one of his last paintings for the upcoming show when we dropped by, but took a little break to give us a tour. In addition […]

Baby Tattooville ’09 – Reverse Studio Visits – Greg “Craola” Simkins

Coming to Baby Tattooville equipped with a blank canvas and some paint, Greg “Craola” Simkins treated BT attendees with the ultimate in “tabula rasa” art experience.  Creating coats upon coats of background texture, Greg spent hours building the foundation of what will undoubtedly become another masterpiece.  Expect to see the completed painting at his upcoming show “The Pearl Thief” opening November 3rd at Gallery 1988 (LA).  Pictures after the jump.