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Rewind: Jul 14 – Oct 25

This latest edition of our Rewind article is headlined by a trailer for a new short film by JR (interviewed) starring Robert De Niro. Entitled Ellis, the footage follows the Academy Award Winning actor as he stars as an immigrant whose pursuit of a new life expired at Ellis Island. Traversing an abandoned hospital complex, De Niro is confronted with ghostly archival photographs of immigrants and hospital patients taken over a century ago pasted up by the JR, part of the French artist’s Unframed series of works. […]

Overtime: Jan 6 – Jan 12

More stories from the week that ended Jan 5 (click on bolded words for more information): Davina Semo’s exhibition RUDER FORMS SURVIVE opens at Marlborough Chelsea. RIP: Clinton De Menezes at age 43, murdered while protecting a friend, after saving his wife and daughter. Paul Conrad’s “Chain Reaction” sculpture could receive additional funding for preservation from Santa Monica. Denver Museum of Nature and Science will deliver its 30 vigango totems to the National Museums of Kenya. Bavaria drafting a national law to ease the return […]