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Streets: DesOrdes Creativas (Part III) – Liqen

After heavy hitters like the Italians Blu & Ericailcane did their thing at the DesOrdes Creativas Festival in Spain, Mexico’s finest Liqen has traveled to the town of Ordes to make his own mark. Seemingly taking a page from the political and figurative work of Blu, Liqen has painted a beautifully rendered mural of  a giant hand with a Shell logo ring sweeping their dirty laundry under the “rug.” Check the details below… Discuss Liqen here.

Streets: Desordes Creativas Festival (Part I) – Blu

We haven’t heard much from Blu (since April in Morocco), but it looks like the the Italian street savant has made the short trip over to Spain recently for the Desordes Creativas Festival. Set in the town of Ordes, the has a nice lineup of participants including Ericailcane, Liqen, Sam3 and more. For now, check out this amazing new wall from Blu featuring a horde of vegetables jumping into a blender, painted with some of his his signature dark humor. Tipped off by Savage Habit. Discuss Blu here.