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Openings: Erik Sandberg – “Get Pretty Now” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Looks like Erik Sandberg’s hairy children are all grown up. His show Get Pretty Now opened alongside Ray Caesar’s solo (covered) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery last weekend featuring his colorful creatures created through his special mixed media technique. As you will see, his new body of work looks more mature and rich in content as well as some pieces taking his imagery in a new direction. More opening pics after the jump…

Teaser: Erik Mark Sandberg – “Get Pretty Now” @ Jonathan LeVine

Opening up the new year for Jonathan LeVine on January 22 will be the stylish and furry ladies of Erik Mark Sandberg. Get Pretty Now will feature what used to be the hairy children from the Los Angeles based artist who now appear to be all grown up. Make sure you stop by to check out the mixed media pieces put together through a painstaking process of silkscreen, resin, glitter, oils, acylics, airbrush, and more. Discuss this show here. Discuss Erik Sandberg here.

Openings: Five-Year Anniversary Group Exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

This past weekend, Jonathan LeVine opened their five-year anniversary group show, featuring works from an extensive list of artists who have been instrumental in the New York gallery’s success, including Adam Wallacavage, AJ Fosik, Andrew Brandou, Andy Kehoe, Blek le Rat, Chris Mars, Dan Witz, Date Farmers, Dave Cooper, Doze Green, Eric White, Erik Mark Sandberg, Esao Andrews, Gary Baseman, Gary Taxali, Invader, Isabel Samaras, James Jean, Jeff Soto, Jim Houser, Josh Agle (aka Shag), Kathy Staico Schorr, Mark Dean Veca, Miss Van, Natalia Fabia, […]

Preview: Five Year Anniversary Group Exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be holding their Five Year Anniversary Group Exhibition this Saturday with many of the artists that we have grown to love over the last half decade. Of course, the show boasts a stellar list of artists including Jeff Soto, James Jean, Andy Kehoe, Mark Dean Veca, Adam Wallacavage, Erik Sandberg, and Ray Caesar. Take a look at preview images from these artists as well as the full roster on the showcard after the jump…