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Showing: Stik – ‘Single’ @ Subway Gallery

Stik’s simple portrayal of super-flat characters in the realms of the street has been effectively used to portray a variety of emotions in those few simple lines, addressing such issues and themes as race, homelessness, poverty, acceptance and belonging. When it comes to an unconventional artist like Stik, how does his work translate into a gallery setting? Perhaps the first thing to consider is an unconventional gallery space. Single is Stik’s current solo show in the underground location of Subway Gallery, located in London’s Edgware Road. The […]

Showing: Keith Haring 20th Anniversary @ Tony Shafrazi Gallery

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of Keith Haring, the Tony Shafrazi Gallery recently opened a gallery-wide tribute to the graffiti legend and 80s New York art superstar. The show contains iconic paintings, drawings and sculptures with Haring’s bold lines and energetic characters. See all the images from the show, after the jump.