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Halloween Roundup

Well, to put you in the mood for a little trick-or-treating tonight, we have a little roundup of the rest of the Halloween snippets we have gathered for you. First up, Brandi Milne (featured) has released a new print entitled “Give Me Your Soul, Little One”. It’s available through Corey Helford Gallery, so contact them for details if you are interested. Take a look other ghastly items from the art world after the jump, and remember, stay safe!

Streets: LUDO – “Halloweenism”

LUDO (interviewed) just completed a series of Parisian bus shelters ad takeovers entitled “Halloweenism.” A fitting project don’t you think with his view of monsters (Castro, Saddam, Stalin, Gaddafi, Mao, Mugabe) for this holiday. More after the jump…

Happy Halloween from Ana Bagayan

For those of you who follow Ana Bagayan’s (interviewed) work, you may be used to something a little more cheerful than this new series of drawings. Inspired by the Halloween spirit, Ana seems to have found a theme for these pieces that will be part of her solo show at FB69 Gallery next February in Germany. Take a look are more creepy samples after the jump…

Happy Halloween!

Don’t know what to dress up as for Halloween?  Why not take inspiration from your favorite artist and dress up as a piece of art (like the Banksy fans above)?  Or, Dr. Sketchy’s is always a nice place to look for ideas (Ron English costume and Tara McPherson costume, David Stoupakis costume).  Enjoy yourselves tonight and stay safe.